The New Standard for Personalized Race-Videos

Pic2Go's Performance-Videos makes Your Race Experience Unforgettable!

Producing a race these days is much about creating an unforgettable experience for your participants. Performance Videos now let events world-wide offer participants unforgettable personalized-race-videos that also boost value for sponsors.

Here are a few video-examples from our recent events world-wide -

Carrera Liberty 2017 - Spain

Samsung 10K Thailand Championship 2017

Pic2Go's Performance-Videos is the industry-leading solution for personalized race videos, offering participants to automatically share their full-HD race videos (including selected race photos) to Facebook, while generating huge marketing value for the event and it's sponsors.

Rev It Up Run - USA

RETO POWERADE 2017 - El Salvador

Create Personalized Race-Videos for your Participants, enriched with their Performance Data! Each personal video includes participant's videos, photos and performance stats from along the course.

Medio Maratón Valle de Guadalupe 2017 - Mexico

Performance Videos makes use of Pic2Go's patent-pending 2D barcodes on runners bibs, for automated bib numbers recognition, race photo-tagging and videos-tagging.

To add Performance-Videos to your next event - contact one of our partners near you, or leave us a message with your event details.

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