Tips For Picking your Race Timer

Looking for a timer for your race? Here are 5 important tips to support a winning decision!

1 - Timing Technology
Do your research as there are many timing technologies on the market. Make sure the timer you pick is a certified operator of a leading timing technology like: Mylaps, ChronoTrack, Race Result or Ipico.

2 - Background Check
Ask your potential timer about some other events that they have been working on for the last couple of years. Make sure the outcome fits your needs and expectations for the service.

3 - Race Registration
Some timers also offer registration services. In such case – explore their solution and make sure they address all your specific needs with high level of service.

4 - Innovative Services
Prefer timers that can offer additional innovative services, adding value for your participants and sponsors!
Such services may include - Live-Tracking, Social Media Updates, Performance-Photos or Performance-Videos (like Pic2Go’s).

5 - Consulting/Expertise
Experienced timers are often seen as “Race Gurus”, as they've served hundreds of races and hold wide experience with sport events. Pick a timer that you feel you'll be comfortable working with, and who’s wise advise will support your event success.

The tips were provided by Mr. Joel Espinoza, an experienced timer at Protime Mexico.

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