End-2-End Digital Media Sponsorship for Your Race

With 2018 around the corner, it is now clear that digital media technologies serve a great deal boosting race sponsorship. Race organizers can now let participants share their experience instantly, through exciting solutions - offering unprecedented value to their sponsors!

Citroën has recently launched its new Citroën C3 Aircross compact SUV. The Martinique office has decided to partner with the leading local race - Semi-Marathon de Fdf, sponsoring the full set of Pic2Go's Digital Race Experience-Sharing solutions, under the slogan - "Continue the adventure on a daily basis" ("Poursuivez l'aventure au quotidien").

1 - Automated Facebook Photo Sharing
All participants could enjoy getting their race photos automatically shared to their personal Facebook profile.
* Photos and album are fully branded.
* Photos include performance stats using Pic2Go's Performance Photos.
* Auto tagging of race photos by Pic2Go's patented 2D barcodes on race bibs technology!

2 - Personalized Race-Video Sharing
Personal race-videos automatically shared to participants' Facebook.
* Full HD videos.
* Includes sponsor's branding.
* Enriched with performance stats using Pic2Go's Performance Videos.

3 - RunPage
A personal RunPage letting participants relive, celebrate and share their race experience!
* Results, personal photos & video gallery.
* 3D Race FlyThrough.
* Clickable sponsor-bar.
* Rich customization and personalization.

(click the image to launch the RunPage)

4 - FlyThrough Race-Map
A 3D Interactive FlyThrough Race-Map letting participants explore the race in an innovative way!
* Fully interactive (zoom, rotate, etc.)
* Different point types, landmarks, routes selector.
* Sponsored points with actionable links.
* Built for race websites.

(click the image to launch the RunPage)

Boosting Digital Media Sponsorship,Race Experience Sharing and Delighted Runners!

Or as Félix Bour, the half marathon winner had put it -
"Thank you to Pic2Go for these photos and this video: Visual effects on the top ! I've never seen such good things on the races that I made in Metropolitan France. Bravo and and keep it up, your are on the top !"

*** Pic2Go at Semi-Marathon de Fdf was operated by Pic2Go Antilles ***

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